Four primary Austin area alumnae groups interact with each other but have separate responsibilities regarding the Theta chapter and its local alumnae. Please contact us if you have an interest in getting involved with any of the following boards:

  • Alumnae chapter: Organizes events and programs for Theta alumnae in the Austin area, including events and programs which support Alpha Theta/Univ. of Texas-Austin collegians.

  • Reference board: Organizes referrals and legacy introductions for Austin area high school seniors who seek to pledge Theta either at UT-Austin or another school in North America.

  • Alpha Theta Advisory Board: Provide advice, counsel, and support to the Alpha Theta chapter members. The advisory board consists of 13 members, including a recruitment advisor who helps chapter members prepare for and execute successful recruitment events each fall.

  • Alpha Theta Facility Corporation Board: Manage resources and make decisions related to the Alpha Theta facility. The current board is comprised of 12 active members with responsibility for general oversight of this facility.

Alpha Theta Advisory Board:

ABC: Kate Kuhlmann

Alpha Theta Facility Corporation Board:

FCB President: Julie Boxberger 
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